The Minister of Youth and Sports, Hon.Nii Lantey Vanderpuye and the Minister for Employment and Labour Relations, Hon.Haruna Iddrisu, have jointly paid a working visit to the Afienya Youth Leadership and Skills Training Institute, in the company of the Chief Director of the Ministry of Youth and Sports,Mr.Victor Xola Senaya, to acquaint themselves with the state of the institute.

At the Institute the Principal, Mrs. Mercy Nunoo, welcomed the Ministers   and showed them round the school. They inspected some of the classrooms, the carpentry workshop, the catering department and the metal fabrication workshop before meeting the staff and students at the multi-purpose assembly hall.

The students were very happy to see the two Ministers and immediate broke into the patriotic song “Arise Ghana Youth for Your Country” which immediately set the tone for the meeting.

The Principal formerly welcomed the Ministers and their delegation and gave the state of the facilities at the school. She complained about lack of classrooms and stated that the catering department still held classes under trees and added that their feeding grant was still in arrears for several years adversely affecting enrolment.

The Boys’ Prefect of the school appealed for computers to facilitate their study.

Addressing the staff and students Hon. Vanderpuye told them their visit was to assess the state of the school to know their needs. He said he was saddened by the state of deterioration of the Institute and to assure them that things that were not done in the past would now be done and that was the more reason he came along with his colleague, Hon. Haruna Iddrisu, Minister for Employment and Labour Relations.

When he took his turn, Hon.Haruna Iddrisu said he was saddened by the state of the facility because much has been done for the Institute and pledged financial support for the Institute within the next few weeks from the Youth Employment Agency.

The Employment and Labour Relations Minister promised Five Million Ghana cedis (GHc5, 000.000.00) to be disbursed to the Youth Leadership and Skills Training Institutes across the country and promised a yearly support for the Afienya Youth Training Institute.

The staff and students took the opportunity to interact with the Ministers after the meeting after which

Hon.Nii Lantey Vanderpuye donated two footballs to  support them.