The African Games which was formerly known as the All African Games will be coming on in the Kingdom of Morocco from the 16th of August to 1st of September 2019, and it will be the 12th edition of the Games which is held every four years.

Opening Ceremony
The opening ceremony for the 12th African Games will be the 19TH August 2019.

Disciplines For The 12th Africa Games
Ghana is preparing 18 out of 22 discipline to participate in at the 12th African Games to be held in the Kingdom of Morocco in Rabat to be precise. Below are the disciplines that are preparing for the Games.

3.Beach Volleyball,
9.Weight lifting,
11.Karate do,
14.Table Tennis,
18. Tennis

Selection Of Athletes To The Games
All athletes who will be attending the Games are selected by their respective federations based on their own selection criteria. However, their final list is subject to approval by the technical sub committee of the International Games and Competitions Committee.

Deadline For Entries And Accreditations
The deadline for the accreditation is 27th June 2019, and I am happy to inform you that all potential athletes and officials who will be attending the Games have been entered to enable the organizing committee accredit them accordingly.

Number Of Athletes And Officials
At this stage of long list,there is no definite number for both athletes, official and disciplines since the technical sub committee is still working on all the athletes who will be attending the Games. The number of officials are based on a team size calculator which will be based on the number of final list of athletes who will be attending the Games.

Visa Application
The final list of all athletes and officials who will be traveling as part of team Ghana to the games will have to be approved by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, on the advice of the international games committee before any visa application is made. This process has been instituted by the International Games and Competitions Committee to enable the vetting of the list of all participants who will be traveling to represent Ghana in the Games.

Media Accreditation
All media persons who are interested in traveling to the Kingdom of Morocco to cover the Games are to apply directly to the organizing committee also known as COJAR for their accreditation.

Orientation/Code Of Conduct
There will be an orientation for all athletes and officials attending the Games, and they will be made to sign a code of conduct to ensure that all participants attending the Game will conduct themselves as good sports men and women as well as good ambassadors of Ghana.

Team Ghana is expected to depart to Morocco for the games by the 16th of august 2019.

Closing Ceremony
The closing ceremony for the 12th Africa Games will be 1st September 2019.

Source: Ministry of Youth and Sports,  International Games And Competitions Committee